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Mixing It Up

I dig it

My Mix_Recs
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Mix and Playlist Recommendations

Welcome to mymix_recs!

This is a community for people who need help coming up with good mixes or playlists. Have an idea and you want recommendations for songs that would work with it? Ask here! Need to make a CD for a friend's birthday and you only have three songs and no idea how to complete it? Ask here! Have a strange infection that could either be chicken pox or an STD? GO TO THE DOCTOR, don't ask here.

Rules and Regulations
Please read before joining and posting!
Also check out this entry for a quick synopsis.

1. Be nice. Don't insult anyone for any reason, and in a community like this, that includes putting people down for their taste in music. Listen to your mother: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all.

2. This community has been marked as containing some adult content since I understand that your ideas for mixes/playlists might include some adult oriented themes/concepts. Members must be 14 years old or older. That said, don't post anything in this community that is strictly adult oriented/pornographic, etc. Posting explicitly inappropriate material will put you at risk to be banned. If it is absolutely necessary, send your friendly mod, imalumberjack27, a message and we'll discuss it and your entry will be flagged if posted.

3. This is not a playlist sharing or filesharing community! There are plenty of other communities and websites for that sort of thing. This is a place for idea sharing. Recommendations only. If you provide links to files containing music/playlists, etc. you risk being banned.

4. NO SPAMMING. Community promotions are only allowed by messaging imalumberjack27 first on LJ or by email. You will not post the promotion, I will in a special entry for promos about once every week or two. Message me with all your html. If I find that your promotion is not suitible, it will not be accepted and I will not explain to you why it was rejected, but it would likely be for one of the following reasons:
*The community has no absolutely no relation to this community at all.
*You used obxious text effects (obscenely large letters, hard to read colors, marquees, etc.) or annoying repetition.
*The community you want to promote has already been promoted.
If you post a promotion yourself, it will be deleted and you will risk being banned.

5. If you need to use an image or video to explain your ideas, please place these behind a cut. If you don't know how to make a cut, see this entry of the FAQ.

6. On a related note, for any LJ related issues/html questions, the FAQ is your friend.

7. All posts should concern getting recommendations for mixes and playlists. It is recommended that you use the template below.

8. If you post and it is obvious to me that you have not read these rules, your post will be deleted, you will be sent to this page to read this rules, be mocked thoroughly when you read this one and you realize why you were sent to read them, and then I may give you a second chance to post.

I know it sounds harsh, but as long as you follow the rules, I promise this will be a very nice, laid back community and I will not have to go dictator on anyone's rear-end.

Posting Template
Copy and Paste this into your post.

Also, if possible, please tag your entry with the theme of your playlist/mix so people can look back and find ideas for their own mixes.

For any questions or concerns, send messages to the mod via livejournal or email: iheartgeoffrey@gmail.com